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Arising From The Surface

by Brahmarakshas

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Inspired by Mani Kaul's movie 'Satah Se Uthata Aadmi' (Arising From The Surface), based on a story and pieces of poetry by Gajanan Madhav Muktibodh. A tribute to the great poet and an equally great director. Translated versions of the spoken poetry are included as 'lyrics'.

Video for In Darkness (Cognition) can be found here:


released April 29, 2015

Excerpts from Mani Kaul's film 'Satah Se Uthata Aadmi' have been used in audio form as a narrative for tracks 1, 2 and 4. The album art is an edited still from the same movie, though the picture appears on the cover of Muktibodh's poetry collection and wikipedia page, albeit not in sepia.

Translations for the first two tracks are edited/modified versions of those provided by Nikhil Govind, can be found at

Track 4 is a tribute to The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the birds.

Rest of the translations, instruments (piano/synth/guitar), percussion (programmed), mixing and production are done by the artist.



all rights reserved


Unkitsch Pune, India

Making soundtracks to existing works of art.

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Track Name: In Darkness (Cognition)
In the dark rooms of life
he circles continually;
his footsteps I hear, echoing
he can’t be seen … can’t be seen at
but he circles
in a talismanic cave he has been imprisoned,
and through the wall I hear him,
asserting his existence like the echo
of a dense secretive darkness
and, my heartbeat asks: who is he,
invisible, yet audible.
that mysterious person

is an unattained expression of my self,
he is the whole state
of my self-imagination, my constrained radiance,
of my audacity,
of my brimming emergence,
he is the pressure of offended knowledge trapped
in the heart,
a semblance of self.
the question, serious, even dangerous maybe,
prompts the wind blowing from the thick jungles
to suddenly extinguish the torch…
caught me in that darkness,
and sentenced me to death.
Track Name: In Darkness (Resignation)
“cross the mountain-joint’s abyss,
by the rope bridge
reach the far pinnacle on your own”.
but brother, I do not wish these crossings between pinnacles,
i fear heights;
let the chains beat against the gate!!
let the bubbles of protest rise in the void
those people… they will leave as they came .
in the darkness of the pit will i lie,
wallowing in my misery!!

what should I do and avoid doing, tell me.
in this null set swims a universal discernment
of his being
(I cannot bear it)
The great piercing distress
in that null’s interior (I cannot bear it)
In the dark he illuminates my shape as if giving me the map to my future
no, no,I cannot bear it. I cannot leave him,
no matter what I have to go through

unadorned is the way, strange the expanse,
cold twilight.
with languid eyes I gaze at the world, the
sad stars.
each time the thoughts, the grief and the reflection
causing that rising pain and as if from far
away, over there
the shadowed peepal tree keeps vigil.
in those unmixing swirls of atmosphere
the dogs’s faraway isolated barks,
colliding with the echoing calls of the jackal.
distances shiver, intervals reverberate
outside, there is no one; no one outside
Track Name: In Darkness (Procession)
In waking I remembered the dream again
In darkness returned the memories of those faces
Which is when, I realized
The dark corpses of this town
Walk in a procession every night
But by day,
Convene and connive
In a myriad of offices, institutions and homes
Damn it, I have seen them naked
For this, I shall be punished.

All of a sudden, I am reminded of reality
The expanse and encompassment of the journalistic world,
its trappings and tensions, stretch in all directions
Quieter than a dropping leaf
The army has surrounded the streets
The throbbing vein in my temple
Measures the ticking of time
This is the martial law
To murder a revolution
Track Name: In Darkness (Placation)
Oh my idealistic heart
Oh my dogmatic self
What have we done so far?
How have we lived?

We became greedy and soulless
Like the guests at a ghost wedding
Like the bed of an adulterer

Wore our sorrow-stains like badges,
Enveloped by our own thoughts day and night
Suffering a sexless intellect in solitude
Life became a stagnant basement
What have we done so far?
How have we lived?
Tell me, for whom did you run?
Alas...averted your eyes from sorry displays
Became a stone, took as much as you could
and gave as little
The nation died, you survived
See, you kicked out the benevolent father
And exiled motherly compassion
You adopted the terriers of selfishness
abandoned the duties of emotion
assassinated the suggestions of your heart
and crushed the very essence of intellect
uprooted the hands of logic
frozen, jammed, stuck in
the quicksand of your own making
you fried discretion in your greed
and gobbled up your ideals

What have we done so far?
How have we lived?
took as much as you could
and gave as little
The nation died, you survived
Track Name: The Cerebral Orangutan In The Cavernous Darkness (Conclusion)
A dream within a dream
And within the stream of thought
Another stream, latent, dense!
And beneath the text,
a request
Contradictory, antagonistic
background music!!

A brain within a brain
And another chamber within
And further down the chamber
A secret cell
In the cavernous darkness
of the void
A sturdy chest
Firm, heavily sealed

Inside the chest
is a demigod
As in, the orangutan,
Brr, you know,
This is the fear
What if,
the orangutan is freed?
what if,
the demigod manifests!

I run my hand
over my jugular
And feel the dense mane
all of a sudden, covering
the hair on my words
and in my sentences I feel
the razor sharp nails
of the orangutan.